With autobody repair & training Ltd I want to optimize the quality of the work as well as the skills and abilities of the workers in the car body industry.  I want to establish an understanding for the "right" repair techniques, including the properties and the materials / components used, and thus to improve the apprecation of the services provided to the end customers.  The main focus is the development and implementation of trainings in bodywork for vehicle manufacturers/importers.

About me


Diana Schlup

Already at the age of  12 I discovered my passion for vehicle repair  especially the materials and work techniques. I practically inherited this profession, as my father also worked until his retirement as an autobody  metal repairman. Also my brother was gripped by the fever and even now, is still a role model for me and an enthusiastic autobody sheetmetal repairman.

Up to now I have been allowed to get to know and appreciate different aspects of the industry. Now I am looking forward to my new challenge and tasks as a self-employed specialist.

My education and training
1997 - 2001 
Education to panel beater
2006 - 2008 
Exam as autobody shop manager, federal diploma of higher education
2008 - 2010
Exam as business manager autobody, advanced federal diploma of higher education

Certified Autobody Repair Trainer for
- BMW basics steel, aluminum, carbon
- BMW Level 1, 2, 3

- Rolls-Royce basics aluminum, gluing
- Rolls-Royce welding and joining of aluminum
- Opel K14 modern and efficient bodywork repair
Testing 2008
Work experience
1997 - 2001
Education to panel beater Bleuer AG
2001 - 2006
Work in a bodywork R. Hügli
2006 - 2010
Instructor VSCI Sektion Bern
2010 - 2017

Division Manager Engineering Swiss Autobody Repair Assocition VSCI

2017 - 2018
2019 - today
Owner autobody repair & training Ltd

Since 2008  an expert in the qualification process of autobody metal work.
In 2015, I started my career as a chief expert at the Swiss Autobody Sheetmetal workers and also as expert at WorldSkills. In addition the candidates of WorldSkills during the preparation as a coach and trainer.

It is my objective to encourages the up-and-coming talents/young proffesionals and their commitment.
WorldSkills Kazan 2019
Competitor Sandro Sägesser & Coach Diana Schlup